Sara El-Gebali

Research Data Manager-team leader at the Max Delbrück Center. Scientist, feminist, LGBTQ+ activist. October 28 to November 04.

Marvin Karegyeya

Steering committee member of the GitLab heroes program. October 21 to 28.

Keshav Bhatt

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). FOSS developer. October 14 to 21.

Martin Linklater

Professional game developer. Tech Lead at Lucid Games. October 07 to 14.

Regina Nkemchor Adejo

GNOME Foundation Vice President of Board Of Directors, GNOME Africa, September 30 to October 07.

Johan Thelin

Koderize, foss-north and foss-gbg. September 23 to 30.

Kurt Kremitzki

Scientific software developer. Debian Developer and FreeCAD developer/admin. September 16 to 23.

Bryan Poerwoatmodjo

Projectleader EndeavourOS, September 09 to 16.

Ivana Isadora Devcic

Tech writer, translator, editor, KDE Community. September 02 to 09.

Carol Chen

Red Hat. Ansible Community Team. August 26 to September 02.

Justin W. Flory

UNICEF Innovation, Open Source Diversity, Fedora Project. August 19 to 26.

Leszek 'Лешы' Szczepański

Game developer at Guerrilla. August 12 to 19.

Henrique Andrade

Gretl Team member. August 05 to 12.

James Mawson

MAKEITLINUX. July 29 to August 05.

Rémi Verschelde

Godot Engine project manager. Mageia Linux developer. July 22 to 29.

Monica Ayhens-Madon

Ancient Greek BA, Maritime Studies MA. OpenMRS and Ubuntu Mate contributor. July 15 to 22.

Molly de Blanc

Strategic Initiatives Manager of the Gnome Foundation. July 08 to 15.

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras

Research fellow at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity in Paris. July 01 to 08.

Christian Imhorst

openSUSE member, LUG Hannover, Fairphone Angel. June 24 to Juli 01.

Clarissa Lima Borges

Outstanding New Free Software Contributor FSF Award Winner. June 17 to 24.