IMakeFOSS - We give a voice to opensource projects around the world. Every week we hand the mic to a new FOSS contributor. @imakefoss is a Twitter rotation curation account, @imakefoss is a Mastodon rotation curation account, an interview blog and a YouTube channel.

Co-founded by Jason Evangelho and Jochen Spang.

IMakeFOSS is a rotation curation account similar to the @realscientists where people who contribute to FOSS can introduce themselves on a weekly basis. The idea is that those who are intensively involved with FOSS can present their projects and their person, answer questions and thus arouse interest in getting involved. At the same time we release a blog post here. The @imakefoss week starts and ends on a Wednesday.

How it works

We invite you to curate our Twitter account via Tweetdeck. You simply log in via your Twitter account, accept our invitation and can tweet on @imakefoss.

Rules and policies

The mutual respect is most important to us. And we ask you to follow the official Twitter rules and policies. You are responsible for your tweets. We reserve the right to intervene in case of violation of these rules.