May 26, 2021

Please welcome Iyad Ahmed, @cgonfire Software Developer @trinumedia

May 26 to June 2 on @imakefoss

Interview: https://t.co/u2ZHEmmwPG

@imakefoss is a rotation curation account, a blog, a YouTube channel and a podcast. https://t.co/SOSKg38tWK

May 26, 2021

Big thanks to imakefoss for inviting me to be your Twiter this week.

I work at @Trinumedia as a software developer on @bforartists fork of Blender, I do freelance, and work on personal projects too. Follow if you like FOSS and #b3d #b4a

May 26, 2021

One of the most recent additions to Bforartists, panels in tools area for quick access, completely optional for those who prefer it!

#b3d #b4a #FOSS Iyad Ahmed https://t.co/PcmtRy1tW0

May 28, 2021

A patch I have been working on for a while now, an overhaul of Freestyle UI in Blender, suggested and funded by @BlenderNPR https://t.co/9WagyRiiPa https://t.co/i8gAovkTfq

May 30, 2021

so this cloud machine is nice, I can download huge files and build things on the cloud, without taxing my internet or hardware!!

the build is a little slow, but avoiding 10 Gigs download is a huge benefit

#CloudComputing #linux https://t.co/LjiQKBm5Qx

May 30, 2021

I can also setup VNC and use a desktop environment remotely, works fairly smooth, I can even launch 3d software and do stuff!!! https://t.co/wtnlaqj1z4

Jun 1, 2021

My time on the account is coming to an end, really enjoyed this experience, make sure to follow @imakefoss for upcoming curators, checkout previous curators here: https://t.co/D6cm9C5wGY Have a good one ✨, Iyad