Mar 17, 2021

Please welcome Eleftherios Kosmas, @elkos Vice chairperson @LibreSpace_Fnd, making open-source space technologies

March 17th to 24th on @imakefoss

Interview: https://t.co/2gKTHOW4ya

@imakefoss is a rotation curation account, a blog and a YouTube channel. https://t.co/RFPaCE2Rvb

Mar 17, 2021

I’m excited to curate @imakefoss this week, and discuss views, experiences, and insights on open-source software, hardware, and data

Photo: me holding the 1st #OpenHardware satellite @UPSat_gr designed and build by @LibreSpace_Fnd at @hackerspacegr in Athens, Greece

Mar 18, 2021

At @LibreSpace_Fnd we share a vision of an Open and Accessible Space for All, to do so we develop libre (free & open-source) technologies and knoledge for space, from ground-station networks like @SatNOGS to satellite missions


Mar 18, 2021

@josp0001 FOSS everywhere!

Mar 18, 2021

At @LibreSpace_Fnd we draw inspiration from #LibreSpaceManifesto https://t.co/iCkisKOT0x

#OpenSource, #OpenHardware & #OpenData can enable the longevity, sustainability, openness, equality of humanity’s common space future

poster PDF: https://t.co/GOJJYWC4UR

Mar 19, 2021

. @LibreSpace_Fnd started when @SatNOGS won the 1st @hackaday prize, 6yrs ago

Nowadays, @SatNOGS is the biggest satellite ground-station network with +400 active stations globally

check them out here: https://t.co/w4Kt3nWgZP

Mar 20, 2021

On the upcoming @Firefly_Space Alpha rocket launch, we @LibreSpace_Fnd will be launching two #openhardware twin satellites Qubik1 and Qubik2 https://t.co/z79Q8aAHKD and an #openhardware satellite orbital deployer system #PicoBus https://t.co/TeqG5VW0rY https://t.co/X040OGyWWM

Mar 20, 2021

This year many conferences moved online incl. the Open Source CubeSat Workshop. #OpenSource solutions like @getindico @bigbluebutton @matrixdotorg @element_hq helped us meet online successfully

Watch the talks: https://t.co/kKWVjqsjsH

info: https://t.co/DZAUQWd3ZK

Mar 21, 2021

If you are a student check this year’s Google Summer of Code. Work during summer on #OpenSource and get a stipend for your hard work.

@LibreSpace_Fnd participates in this year’s GSoC: https://t.co/ls9tjPOPmE

All the orgs participating: https://t.co/oUA4rCLA3x

Mar 21, 2021

#MachineLearning can provide useful and interesting insights provided #OpenData, and #OpenSource software tools are used pragmatically

#PolarisML uses @SatNOGS satellite telemetry data to do so: https://t.co/iUTczOHNW0